• To provide services for persons from all categories of disabilities.

  • To empower and encourage the disabled to be self-reliant.

  • In the field of human resource development and research.

  • Education, Technical Education, Professional Training for the Disabled- Production training in simulated industrial settings.

  • Production and free distribution of assistive devices like crutches, calipers, wheelchairs, mobility devices etc.

  • Prevention of blindness and disability like cataract and polio surgery.

  • Services for the aged in the slums of Chennai.

  • Services for the mentally retarded, mentally ill.

  • Services for the multiply disabled and deaf blind.

  • Community based rehabilitation services for the disabled in villages all over Chennai.


”Blind Organization of India”is a genuine Public Trust doing well being activities for visually impaired people. We are concentrating to accomplish the basic amenities for them.

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